A Mentors4u project dedicated to High School students

Through a Team of volunteers, we raise awareness of high school students to make informed choices related to their future and the paths they should take


A service focused on Junior Year High School students

Most female high school students do not know which college faculty to opt for because they do not have adequate choice criteria and very often approach the decision-making process in an unstructured manner and left to chance.

Our initiative aims to lead female students toward self-actualization through concrete advice aimed at increasing awareness of the choices that are made during the last years of high school and that will affect many aspects of their future lives.

As Mentors4u, we are committed to helping deserving female and male students reach their full potential and realize their aspirations for success in college.

What are the proposals to reach our goal?

Presentations in high schools and high schools.

High schools have the opportunity to request a General Presentation and an Excellence Workshop conducted by a Local Team composed of female college students and young professionals. These activities are geared toward helping pupils choose the best university faculty by taking into consideration their passions and other concrete choice criteria (professional outlets, study abroad opportunities etc..).


Mentors4u Individual Mentoring Program

In addition, female high school students will have the opportunity to be matched with female college students through an Individual Mentoring Program; the latter can offer advice and examples based on their recent college choice experience.

Are you a college student and would like to help younger students find their way?

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What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the relationship that is established between a group of female professionals with experience in the university or work world (Mentors) and female high school students (Mentees).

It aims to provide high school female students with guidance and support for their educational, professional and social choices.

Each Mentor provides deserving female and male students with their time and professionalism through sharing their experiences and providing advice to help them think big and overcome their limitations.


Join a Mentors4u Local Team

Local Teams will be responsible for establishing contacts with high schools in their cities and making Presentations in schools in collaboration with the Central Team. They will also have the important task of maintaining relationships with interested students and faculty.

The Local Teams are composed of young professionals or those enrolled in their final year of college and who, by becoming Junior Mentors, want to devote time supporting young people, our country's most valuable resource, at one of the most important times for their future.

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