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Who are our Mentees and how do they get selected?

Mentors4u guides students from the second year of the Bachelor up to one year after the achievement of their latest Degree.

Mentees will become Alumni. This means that, while continuing to have access to the Mentors4u platform and all the available content, they will no longer be formally assigned to a Mentors4u Community professional.

Italian students interested in career opportunities in the economic and financial fields , from all Italian or foreign universities or foreign students studying in Italy, can apply.


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Why should you become a Mentee?

Discover the advantages of joining the Community.

Mentors4u is an online platform that connects excellent students or students eager to pursue a career in the world of management and finance (Mentee) with successful young professionals (Mentors) able to provide them with advice on how to set up an academic or professional path to best express their potential and passions.

Annual conference

Flagship event of Mentors4u, in which leaders of Italian and international companies turn to the Mentees with advice and teachings.


Events on specific topics relevant to members of the Community (eg: Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship).

Networking events

Informal opportunities for interactions between Mentors and Mentees of the Community.

Mentors4u Blog

here you can find interviews with industry experts, guidelines, advice, and inputs from our Mentors and Mentees

M4U Magazine

quarterly magazine with original content produced by Mentors and Mentees, together with updates on events and other aspects of this initiative

Training videos

YouTube videos created in collaboration with partner companies on topics of mentorship, orientation, career, and professions

Knowledge Center

with study material posted by Mentors and Mentees

Get in touch with a network of talented students and professionals

Share ideas, opinions, and suggestions on the Community's Wall

View job positions posted by Mentors and Partners of the initiative

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Selection Criteria and Admission Requirements

We address students from all Italian universities: we aim to guarantee the fairest possible representation of our different universities and regions.

Once selected by the Admissions Committee, candidates acknowledge and sign the Mentoring Pact, which defines all the commitments and responsibilities towards the initiative.

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Why Mentors4u?

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Evidences from our Alumni


Anna Silvestri

Sr. Associate @ McKinsey & Company

During the first years of university I realized that having role models to inspire your is important, but not enough. In fact, the dialogue and personal relationship that are established with a Mentor are priceless.

Over the years, I have been both a Mentor and a Mentee; from these experiences I have learned three important lessons: Always ask why, Never give up, Make your voice heard.


Ilaria Uras

Student @ EMIT (Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology)

Mentors4u is the occation to come across new people, ideas, and opportunities which will broaden your horizons and widen your dreams.

Mentors4u is a family where you can always find someone ready to help and believe in you, providing you with the ability to seize an opportunity behind every challenge and helping build the confidence needed to achieve any goal.


Valerio Giannunzio

Senior Engagement Manager @ Salesforce

A Mentor is able to guide the Mentee from the moment he/she takes the first steps in the professional world, helping them focus on their aspirations and objectives, evaluate opportunities to make the most of their skills and ambitions, and helping them face the doubts that every student has when approaching the job market for the first time - all with the experience of those who have faced the same situations in the past.


Mattia Tino

Structured Finance Analyst @ IMI Corporate & Investment Banking

Today, looking back, I realize that not everyone has had the same opportunities I had, and Mentors4u is the answer to this. The concept of "leverage", very dear to us students of economics, does not only bear a financial connotation: Mentors4u is the greatest leverage of all, for those students who wants to get better - always.

Mentees who have already chosen us

Mentors4u counts 3,104 talented students selected based on merit, diversity, and motivation/need for mentoring on over 12,000 applications received since 2014. Here are some statistics on our Mentees.

Mentee Class Data updated to October 2022
Number of selected Mentees 3,104
Percentage of selected Mentees 25%
Average age 24 years
Average score 28.8 / 30
Score range 24 - 30 cum laude
Represented universities 164



Academic level


+160 rapresented universities