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Who is mentor

Cosa vuol dire essere Mentor?

Each Mentor is assigned 1 to 5 mentees by the Program Administrators, based on their availability communicated at the time of registration.

The matching is based on Mentor's characteristics and, for how much is possible, on the preferences expressed during the application by Mentees and Mentors, to maximize the educational value of their relationship.

Mentors acklowledge the Mentoring Pact and support their Mentees by providing a minimum of 30-40 minute-calls each quarter. They support Mentees withadvice aimed at stimulating their growth and professional development.

The service offered by our Mentors is absolutely free of charge and takes place on a voluntary basis according to the "give back" proposition..


What does a Mentor do?

A Mentor is asked to provide support to the assigned Mentee, while playing a leading role in the professional world.

Examples of guidance provided by Mentors may include:

  • Description of the professional alternatives available at the end of the university course undertaken
  • Description of the skills needed to succeed in different working environments
  • Advice on how to develop those skills
  • Analysis of the competition leves to access the different work situations and the related recruitment processes
  • Description of postgraduate specialization options
  • Reflection on the priorities and inclinations of the Mentee and their impact on work choices

I want to become a mentor

Selection Criteria and Desired Industries

Professionals holding an excellent academic background (at least a Bachelor’s Degree) and with at least 5 years of working experience in the economic, managerial, and financial fields can apply to become a Mentor.

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We particularly appreciate and encourage applications from Mentors in the following fields:

Business Management

Entrepreneurship / start-ups

Investment Funds

Investment Funds (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Offices)

Investment Banking


Non profit

Pubblic sector

Academia (related to the business-management-finance fields)

Why should you become a Mentor?

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Mentors who have already chosen us

Over 1,154 Mentors, with excellent academic and professional profiles, provide support to students interested in undertaking a career in the managerial and financial fields ("Mentee") by offering them advice and stimulating their growth and professional development.

Our Mentor community features: Data updated to October 2022
Work experience (on average) 9 years
Age 27-39 years
Profile 100% profiles with international experiences
(academic or professional)
University Degree (on average) 2
Spoken languages (on average) 3
% of Mentors with an MBA in one of the top 10 Business Schools in the world 41%
Companies represented About 400
Italian universities represented 50
Italian regions represented 20
% of our Mentors live and work abroad 44%
Our Mentors currently live in 80 cities and 5 continents

+400 companies rapresented