Our Mission

Mentors4u aims to offer motivated and deserving students (Mentee) a guide to inclusion in the professional world thanks to the access to Mentors4u platform, the offer of content, events dedicated courses and the opportunity to deal with young successful professionals (Mentor). Mentors will provide Mentees with guidelines and advice on how best to set up the professional path that will allow them to express their talent as much as possible: we believe it is essential for students to know from the first years of university what skills are required at the time of entry into the world of work and how to develop them effectively.

Today, many students arrive at the delicate moment of entry into the job market, confused and unprepared. The main causes are not to be found in the lack of talent or willingness of the students, but in the absence of a guide and a structured mentoring system that helps them to understand their potential and aspirations and to build a competitive professional profile in Italy and abroad.


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the personal relationship established between a professional with experience in the job market (Mentor) and a university student (Mentee) with the aim of providing them with guidance and support to their training, professional and social choices.

What's Mentoring?

Mentoring is the personal relationship established between a professional with experience in the working world (Mentor) and a student (Mentee), with the aim of providing the latter with guidance and to support his training, professional and social choices.

Our target

The program is addressed to students interested in professional opportunities in the economic-financial field that study in an Italian or foreign University, and foreign students studying in Italy. 

Why Mentors4u?


We believe it is fundamental for students to know from the first years of university what skills are required at the time of entering the working world and how to develop them effectively.
Today many Italian students arrive at this delicate moment, confused and unprepared. The main causes are not to be found in the lack of talent or will of the students, but in the absence of a structured mentoring system that helps them to understand their potential and aspirations and to build a competitive professional profile in Italy and internationally.
Mentors4U is therefore born with the aim of offering motivated and deserving students the opportunity to deal with young successful professionals who will provide their guidelines and advice on how to set up in the best possible way the professional path that will allow you to express your talent.

The project

Mentors4U is a non-profit initiative whose operation is based on the enthusiasm and desire of all its participants to contribute to the improvement of our country by supporting its highest potential resource: today's youth.
Our network of Mentor has more than 600 professionals with academic backgrounds of excellence in the economic-financial-managerial field and with successful professional experiences in leading Italian and international companies.
Mentors advise and guide our Mentees, helping them to enter the world of work based on their experience and understanding of the potential and aspirations of the individual student.
Mentors4U also benefits from the support of a Senior Advisory Board made up of leading Italian leaders: Senior Mentors.
Mentor and Senior Mentor provide their time and their professionalism animated by the spirit of "give back", determined to have a positive impact on the life of motivated and deserving young people, sharing their experience to inspire them to think big and to challenge the own limits.
The operation of Mentors4U is made possible thanks to the support and donations of our partners.

Become Mentee

Students who want to become part of Mentors4U must send their application including Curriculum Vitae and motivational letter online to follow the following link: APPLY.

An admissions committee will select deserving students based on academic and extra-curricular performance, motivation to join the program, and candidate mentoring needs.
Selected students will enjoy the following advantages as a Mentee:

The matching between Mentor and Mentee is fundamental because it allows the selected to get the maximum formative value from the relationship that will be established between the parties.
Mentors4U will attribute the most suitable Mentor for each Mentee based on the preferences expressed in the application:
• Professional aspirations
• Passions and interests
• University attended
• Region of origin
Each Mentor-Mentee couple has the freedom to set the relationship according to their needs, in compliance with the minimum requirement of an interaction per quarter.
Mentors4U monitors contacts made through the Mentoring Tracker.

Mentors4U offers original contents produced by its team in collaboration with its Mentee:
Mentors4u Blog: interviews with industry experts, guidance, advice and contributions from our Mentors and Mentees
• M4U Magazine: Quarterly magazine with original content produced by Mentors and Mentees
• Video training: YouTube videos made in collaboration with partner companies on mentorship, orientation, career, professions etc.
• Access to the Knowledge Center: containing relevant study material uploaded by Mentors and Mentees

• Mentors4u provides the opportunity to become part of a unique network of professionals, representatives of the most important national and international corporate realities.
• Mentors4u provides the opportunity to access job offers dedicated exclusively to the community available on the “Job Posting” section of the Mentors4u portal and access to dedicated initiatives. 


Mentee will have the opportunity to participate to events dedicated to the community aimed at creating a network of students and professionals who share the same aspirations and interests.
Furthermore, we organize weekly events that give the opportunity to get to know the professional realities of Mentors4u Partners and Mentors:

Annual Conference: M4U flagship event, where leaders of Italian and international companies turn to Mentee with tips and lessons
Coffee Chat with Senior Mentors
Study Break with Mentor
• Workshop on topics relevant to M4U: Events dedicated to specific topics (Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship)
• Companies involved: McKinsey, Deloitte Monitor, L'Oreal, Amplifon, Mediobanca, Google, Amazon, Coty, Bank of America Merryil Lynch, Bain, Generali, Danone, FCA, Enel, Terzi & Partners, OVS etc.


Duration of the program

The program guides students from the second year of university up to one year after graduation. At the end of the program Mentees will continue to have access to the members area and will become part of the program's Alumni base.

Offer to not selected students

Unselected students will have the opportunity to access our Knowledge Center, where they will find useful articles and presentations on topics related to entering the world of work and optimizing their career path.

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